Title: Replacement Firebricks


Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, fire bricks protect the steel sides of your wood heater from excess temperatures, meaning your wood fire is more durable and will last longer.

Fire bricks have a low thermal conductivity - meaning heat does not pass through the fire bricks, instead they reflect heat back into the firebox of the heater to ensure a hotter and more efficient burn.

Although more durable to a normal brick, the fire bricks within your wood fire will eventually break down over time. If you notice large cracks resulting in your brick being in a number of pieces - it is time to replace it. This is because heat from your firebox is now able to escape from your fire - meaning not only is your fire inefficient, but the high temperatures the sides of your fire is experiencing, means it is susceptible to damage.

We stock a range of standard sizes at our store. Remember to measure your firebricks before coming into the store or phoning, so that we can order the correct one for your wood heater.

Stock sizes:

  • 230 x 115 x 25mm
  • 250 x 150 x 25mm
  • 200 x 100 x 25mm
  • 230 x 115 x 35mm

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