Title: Loral Umbrella - Natural


A large 350cm canopy cantilever umbrella with O'bravia canopy. The Loral umbrella features a distinctive triangular (98 x 65mm) mast combined with the clean modernity of an all matte silver anodised aluminium frame. Anodising also confers great surface hardness giving greater protection from abrasion.

Installation can be with an On Ground Base Plate or Ballast Block Frame (both included). Weights are sold separately. 


  • Winder Opening / Closing
  • 360° Rotation
  • Multi Angle Mast Axis Tilt Control
  • Triangular (98 x 65mm) Mast
  • Anodised Aluminium Frame
  • Polyester Protective Cover


  • 350cm Octagonal Canopy


  • Natural
  • Taupe

*Base Compatibility with Large and Extra Large Wheeled Cantilever bases or Ballast weights.


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