Get the drinks ready this ones a cracker. An ideal bar setting for balconies. Made from the long lasting Kwila hardwood. Three bar stools will fit between the legs.


  • Length: 170cm
  • Width: 43cm
  • Height: 100cm

Made from Kwila, a tropical hardwood with a reddish brown colour that has high oil content, making in inherently fit to endure the outdoor elements and resist insect attack. Coating it with water-based oil with give it a extra UV protection and help slow down the sliver-grey coloured effect of weathering.

As with all Kwila timber products on the market, the natural oils can leech out of the timber so it is recommended to ‘bleed’ the furniture right after purchase by wetting it down on a grassed area. The oils can stain paving stones and decks so it is a good idea to scrub clean with a mild solution of bleach as soon as possible if it occurs.

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