Title: Jøtul F 100


Jøtul F 100 is a compact wood stove with capacity for logs of up to 40 cm long. This model has a small internal ash removal solution that makes removing the ashes an easy job. The ash lip catches ashes that may fall out of the combustion chamber.
The wood stove has a large glass door that provides a perfect view of the burning logs and it is characterised by a traditional pattern used in Norwegian craft work. F100 is available in matt black paint.

Radiant Heater

  • 75% Efficiency
  • 1.4g/kg Emissions
  • 100m2 Coverage
  • 6kW Heat Output
  • Log Size 400mm
  • Flue size 150mm
  • Norwegian Designed and Manufactured
  • 10 Year Firebox Warranty

Measurements: H 62cm x W 53cm x D 34cm

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