A stylish, unique, and versatile firepit. It comes with a removable grill for outdoor cooking. Features dual-purpose holes around its bowl for aeration to keep the fire going when cooking or grilling. They also serve as a nice viewing window. Made from 6mm Thick Cast Iron, designed to last a lifetime. 


  • Diameter: 55cm
  • Weight: 23kg
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Bowl Depth: 32cm
  • Finish: Low Maintenance, Rustic, Natural Finish.
  • Made from Cast Iron
  • Cast Iron base secures to bowl with three screws (included)
  • Drainage hole in base

Note: As with any newly-purchased cast iron, it is recommended that the grill for this fire pit be seasoned or cured prior to use. Seasoning the cast iron cooking grill makes it non-stick and helps it last a lifetime.


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