Signature Premium Plus Cabinet (4bnr)

Title: Signature Premium Plus Cabinet (4bnr)


Upgrade to the Premium Series. Introducing the BeefEater Signature Premium Plus Cabinet 4 burner barbeque.

Stainless steel plates, burners and grills for the ultimate cooking experience.

Stainless steel barbeque frame and roasting hood.

4 stainless steel burners.

Total power 97 mj/hr.

Stainless steel cook top.

Cabinet trolley with heavy duty lockable castor wheels.

Side burner power is 21 mj/hr.

Adjustable cabinet shelves.

Includes warming rack, cookbook, and a cover.

Dimensions (approx): (h) 1230mm (hood closed) or 1420mm (hood open), (w) 1505mm, (d) 570mm.

Lifetime warranty.

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