Title: Pampa Umbrella


This umbrella is packed with features that will make shading your yard very easy. Covered in durable Olefin fabric. Includes Polyester Protective Cover. Installation can be with an On Ground Base Plate or Ballast Block Frame (both included). Ballast weights are an additional purchase.


  • Wind Up Handle
  • Olefin Canopy 96% UV Protection
  • 360º Rotation
  • Multiple Axis Tilt 
  • Height Adjust
  • Boltdown Base Plate & Ballast Frame Base Included
  • Protective Polyester Cover


  • 350cm Octagonal Canopy


  • Toffee Texture LIMITED STOCK!  
  • Charcoal pictured no longer available.

*Pictured -Plastic base is an optional extra.

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