Granite Base

Granite Base

Lynden Umbrella

Lynden Umbrella

Umbrella Covers

Protective covers are easy to slip on and add years to the life of any umbrella.

Available in standard and delux:


Heavy duty O’bravia waterproof canvas, H.D zip. Colours (O’bravia P.U. Coated) Natural or Platinum.

  • Small 163 x 47cm (length x width at bottom)
  • Medium 190 x 60cm
  • Large 222 x 62cm
  • Extra Large 280 x 66cm
  • Small Cantilever 210 x 58cm
  • Large Cantilever 255 x 62cm
  • Extra Large Cantilever 280 x 73cm


Waterproof polyester, standard zip. Beige colour.

  • Small 180 x 41cm
  • Medium 208 x 48cm
  • Large 242 x 58cm


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